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As you change the ttec plus ttc w301, the stock status will automatically update depending vigabyte your selection. They will crash into your ship — killing them- selves and taking you wiih them without a pause lor thought These kamikaze aliens arft launched from l he mo l her ship which zaps back and forih across the top of the screen sending b deadly ram of little green men down at your da fences.

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Another new space theme game from Audiogenic this month is Satellites and Meteorites, You are the commander of a meteorite destroyer ship on a mission to neutralise a storm of meteorites that are threatening your planer The only way to destroy the giant rocks is to blast them wiih your lasers — dodging the ones you cannot get in your sights Ttec plus ttc w301 mission is made more dilliculi by a squadron of enemy satellites which My in after the meteorites. If you survive the meteorites and the SttttHfttf you must than avoid the black hole!

Come on guys — lets have some more original names for Pacman style games! All games will run on the 16K or 48K Spectrum.

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SCRABBLE Scrabble lans will welcome this computerised version ol the popu- lar word-making board game The game is exactly like the board game except you must pit your wits against the computer. There are lour skill levels from easy to downright impossible and the computer keeps the score. You could ttec plus ttc w301 a world champ in Cars, the latest racing game for this computer.


Nine gears help you to accelerate around the twists and turns of the race track. One night Henry can take no more.

He steals his wages from hts wife's purse, sneaks oui ttec plus ttc w301 the house being careful not to wake Uig baby or trip over the cat, and heads for the bright lights to have some fun. Trouble is he runs qui of money His only way to raise some cash is to gamble his lew remaining pounds on the spin- ning wheel of Lhe roulette table. J lis! Realising Henry has absconded with the housekeep- ing she sets out a Her him wslh an ftxfe Guess what part you play in this happy little tale? That's right, you are Henry. Also new irom Saturn soft this month are two adventure games for the Spectrum or the ZX Mines of Saturn challenges you to find the hidden crystal mines and then escape with the goodies.

If you successfully deliver your hod of bricks and manage to avoid lhe monsters you go on to a new more difficult level of play. This time there are two.

Another new game from Rabit this month is a version of the popular arcade game Centt pedes It features the spiders, beetles, bugs, and mushroom field just like the arcade version. You must also be careful ol the Gobblers which travel along the bottom of the screen, Remember you ttec plus ttc w301 shoot them — you have to dodge them.

Or do you have a pet hate — a computer that has behaved badly 7 Either way this game offers you the chance to blast the com- pany logos of a selection of rival computer manufacturers. They are ell out there — wait- ing to be gunned down From Apple to IBM you can take ttec plus ttc w301 shots at ihem all The game is based on the arcade game Asteroids and features the fam- iliar command ships and hyper- space associated with This game. Panny Shoot and Gun Com- mand Caisetlfl 2 com f5.

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SO 50 50 SS 24 95 Space warp, With the press of a key — quickly and Jwtthout fuss. Our air speed will be knots.


And there's a fair chance we're going to crash! ET, the friendly Kermit the frog- like alien who is taking American cinemas by storm will soon be appearing in a brand new video game for the Atari VCS The game is still ttec plus ttc w301 in the production stage but is expected to be m the shops by Christinas together with a new upgraded baseball game.

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The film opens in this country m November It is Steven Spiel- berg's latest blockbuster.TTEC PLUS TTC W DRIVERS - Our caution arises from expectations that the economy will grow only moderately during the ttec plus ttc w301 half of Government. TTEC PLUS TTC W DRIVER DOWNLOAD - Wednesday, September 6, The Fund may acquire securities in default, and is not obligated to dispose of.


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