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OEM license follows the machine. You're not supposed to do that. Yeah a few years ago, I took a broken machine into a tech shop and told them that I was using a key of a broken box at home, I was shocked to find out that i wast allowed to do that. That's right- look until you can't find 'em. Score: 5Informative. Despite the usual Apple PR distortions, Apple didn't invent multitouch and multitouch is old technology. At best, Apple may have some patents covering specific implementations, eee multitouch even those may not be valid. Apple's real contribution with multitouch was to use just a little bit of it and integrate it well, but that's not patentable. ASUS either figured they're in the clear, or they're willing to fight it.

Good for them. This is eee multitouch Apple does a lot - take something reasonably old and obvious, make it look spiffy and actually usable for someone without a CS degree, then sell and market it as the Hot New Thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Especially the "making it actually usable" part. There's lots of k3wl shit out there in the FOSS community, but Apple is one of the few companies that actually manages to sell it to your semi-usual consumers, even if they sometimes scale it down a bit and use marketing that causes geeks to flinch in pain.

Re: Score: 2Interesting. Eee multitouch not so sure about that either. Apple's primary business model seems to be to take people's money and spend eee multitouch on marketing and packaging, while grabbing other people's technologies wherever they can.

Asus Eee PC to sport multi-touch Stuff

Post as a guest Name. Viewed 4k times. Caption: Rory Reid.

USA gains ground in supercomputer world rankings. Mar 06, Mar 05, Asus Eee multitouch 8.

Asus Eee T91 - Wikipedia

October 13th, 6. This script can be substituted with synclient, e. Best Places to Work.


There are lots of ways to define the word "input". You're using a mouse aren't you? Clearly it beats the keyboard some of the time Similarly, track pads are better than keyboards for mousing eee multitouch, and multitouch track pads are better still, i can imagine.

Remember, this is Slashdot, you have to be painfully specific and accurate or someone will call you out. I have gotten too used to using a laptop and just being too lazy to drag out the bluetooth mouse. It's really difficult to claim anything can be faster than keyboard, as by the time most people eee multitouch wiggling their mouse to the target the keystrokes are overwith. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re: Score: 2Insightful by Facegarden writes: Ehh, unless you're doing lots of web browsing, which is mostly scrolling and clicking. I know you can use the arrow keys and such, but really, that just sucks.


I use keyboard shortcuts left and right, and i use the keyboard more than most us nerds not included but some eee multitouch are better left to other input devices. Or you could just use a CLI browser eee multitouch minimize the use of the rodent.

Asus Eee PC 900 to sport multi-touch

While I agree with the general point - I don't think you've used many USB TV tuners under Linux and also the article writer hasn't mentioned the nature of most Windows drivers either. They are enormously popular in the UK at least but many of the most popular read cheap tuners are a pain in the arse to get to run under Linux, locating firmware, decent TV software and so on. I wouldn't say this eee multitouch the fault of Linux in general, because many of these devices have terrible drivers - try getting some of the.

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  • Asus Eee PC 900 to sport multi-touch

They are enormously popular in the UK at least but many of the most popular read cheap tuners are a pain in the arse to get to run under Linux, locating firmware.Greetings Wizards, I recently offed my Windows 7 install on my Eee PC Supposedly supports multi-touch for my synaptic eee multitouch, but. This wiki might be of some help: Synaptics Touchpad.

Here is one more wiki, it has specific guidelines for EEE PC: Ubuntu community.

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