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Also, use of single mode fiber at the output will allow the amplitude of the intensity modulated signal you observed to vary; just gently press on the fiber. The LN65S modulator, with an internal polarizer, will greatly suppress linbo3 modulator undesired intensity modulation. If you need to retain the state of polarization at the output of the modulator, PM output fiber should be used.

Design and packaging of ultra broadband lithium niobate modulator for millimeter-wave applications

I have a question on linbo3 modulator output polarization of the phase modulator. A simple experiment has been performed.

A single mode laser beam with linear polarization passes through a LN53S-FC modulator to which a sinusoidal signal at few tens of MHz is applied. The output of the modulator passes through a linear polarizer, i. A photo diode PD observes the intensity of the transmitted beam through the polarizer. Then I could observe the same sinusoidal signal at the PD indicating that the output polarization of the modulator is varied with respect to the phase modulation. Such polarization variation of the output is absolutely not desirable in my application. In this paper, we proposed a new type of polymer EO modulator whose fabrication is compatible with the currently used silicon on insulator technology.

Our numerical optimization of the proposed structure demonstrates that it is theoretically possible to achieve a half-wave voltage as low as linbo3 modulator. Based on the results of the numerical calculations, we also outline the advantages and drawbacks of the design. Using the matrix-ablation technique, the shape and dimension of the electrodes and thus the electric field can be accurately controlled by changing the parameters of the femtosecond laser ablation.

10 GHz Lithium Niobate Modulators

We numerically simulate the electric field inside the sample using finite-element method [33]as shown in Fig. The result shows that the electric field across the waveguides is very uniform and well confined along the z axis with the largest electro-optic coefficient. Reconfigurable directional coupler in lithium niobate crystal fabricated by three-dimensional femtosecond linbo3 modulator focal field engineering. May Qian Zhang Meng Li. For crystals, depressed cladding waveguides have advantages such as preservation of the spectroscopic as well as non-linear properties and the capability to guide both horizontal and vertical polarization modes, but fabrication is always quite time consuming.

Customised and Novel LiNbO3 Modulators

In addition, it is usually difficult to couple modes propagating in different depressed cladding waveguides through evanescent field overlap, so it is often required to dynamically reconfigure photonic waveguide devices using external fields for classical or quantum applications. By focal field engineering of the femtosecond laser, we specially generate a three-dimensional longitudinally oriented ring-shaped focal intensity profile composed of 16 discrete spots to simultaneously write the entire cladding region. Our thin-film modulator a has an oxide layer underneath the device layer, so that velocity matching can be achieved linbo3 modulator maximum electro-optic efficiency is maintained.

A conventional modulator b also uses a buffer oxide layer for velocity matching, but on top of LN which further compromises the electro-optic overlap. Reprints and Permissions. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics APL Photonics Nature Advanced Materials linbo3 modulator Advanced Photonics By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines.


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My Thorlabs. Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth Filters.

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Other FBG Filters. Generally, linbo3 modulator nonlinear optical material organic polymers have the fastest response rates, and thus are best for this application with an incident static or low frequency optical field will see a modulation of its refractive index.Both, Titanium diffusion and Proton Exchange waveguide processes are used to create an original LiNbO3 modulator from nm linbo3 modulator 2 nm.

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