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They must have a PW and have matching heads and shafts. I was amazed on something so small could do so much. All I have to say is the club length matters the most when your not the tallest person. Great article, thanks for the information. I wonder if simply gripping down on my irons would be worth trying. My question is, should I grip down to the point where the lie of my irons is somewhat flush with the ground at address? My advice until then is to choke down on ALL your clubs and see how it works for you. IF you get the results you want, then you KNOW cutting down your clubs will do the same thing, only a little better.

Shorter clubs WILL help with the issue of the toe being off the ground at address too much, but your stance will also have an effect on this. Standing a little taller with less knee bend might help as well. Hard to give more advice without seeing your setup position. I hope this helps a bit until John can post something. Aww man Don, I wish you would have made that recommendation golf town rbz. For good reason too, there have been lot of people who seem way to excited about chopping up their clubs. Thanks Don. I will continue to work on it because it feels like I have more control by gripping down.

As you said, it makes the sole of the club lay flush on the ground. Thanks again.

As for the club soling in a flush manner—that is definitely ideal, but the reality is that most people do not return the club to the same lie angle as they start the swing. You might want to get some tape for the sole of the club and see which golf town rbz of the club is contacting the ground during actual swings. This is one of the main things they do when you have a good iron fitting, they make sure the center of the sole touches the ground and not the toe or heel.

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Keep at it with gripping down on your clubs and you should see an improvement with a bit of practice. With the advancement of FALL and Winter not far behind, now would be a great time to do some testing with Shorter clubs. Now is a great time to see if shorter clubs in your bag would be an improvement for your golf town rbz.

Are Your Golf Clubs Too Long?

If golf town rbz decide that Shorter clubs are what you need, you will have the off season to have your clubs shortened or have new clubs built to shorter lengths. Don and John, Thanks for the advice and information. Hi John, loverd your article.

I just got an Ping i20 driver for Christmas based on my request and specs based on a fitting. I felt my hands were golf town rbz getting through, so, in frustration, I choked up inches and swung away. My hands got through easily and the ball had my normal slight draw. I cut back to What do you think?

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Hi, Steve. Thanks for reading and commenting. If you scrolled through the other comments on this article, you will see that a lot of people are having the same epiphanies when it comes golf town rbz club lengths.

Have the results you saw after Christmas held up in more practice sessions? But if you can get the same shaft in a shorter version at little cost, then more power to you! Good luck, and happy new year! I hit 8 fairways nearly all my drives in were in playable golf town rbz. That is a big improvement for me. After a while it was mental hard to feel confident because I did not trust my driving. With the new approach, I found myself expecting to hit a good drive and was able to relax! Choking up works, but there is some uncertainty on how much to choke up. Of course, once my driving was under control, I noticed that I have been hitting my approaches pretty well, but missing most greens slightly left. I like your idea of experimenting on the range and marking the grip where you choke down.

Keep up the good work, and good luck on the approach shots! Really glad that I found this article about something that not many fitters actually want to touch. I have always felt that standard clubs are too long for me.

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