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I am concerned because of my RDI score was high and the mere fact that I have had sleep studies and been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have no experience and have sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Can Be Deadly for Truck Drivers Driving Safety Health EHS Today

What are my chances of getting hired?? Thanks Sleep apnea and commercial. Dan Just make sure you explain your situation and bring any supporting medical documentation and test results with you for the examination. A medical release form from your sleep doctor will be a great help in the decision making process for the CME.

Was put on cpap machinewas given an in home test that scored me at 5. Now a year laterI was told by sleep center staff that DOT regulations were anything under 20 Did not require cpap machine. If so just how are these doctors getting away with this?? Go get a second opinion from another CME. This is a blatantly untrue response. Sleep apnea is addressed as a general respiratory condition. They do this because they will not look sleep apnea and commercial further than the notes they took during the class. I currently hold a class A cdl with passenger endorsement.


I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea for the past 3 years. I am 26 years old, Husband, Father of a 2 year old girl in a situation that is causing me to miss work. Now I know that I may not get the answers I want but I want to know the correct sleep apnea and commercial for what is happening to me currently. Thank you ahead of time for your patience with me.

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I was hired by Walt Disney World in Feb of this year I took a DOT physical on their property. They gave me a 1 year DOT Physical card. On May 10th, only a few months after the dot physical my managers approach sleep apnea and commercial stating that I am not allowed to work and that I have been placed on medical leave without my knowledge or understanding. I then call the Disney Health services to find out what happened. They are stating that I had missed a sleep apnea and commercial for a 90 day dot compliance for sleep apnea. I stated that I have never herd of a 90 day dot compliance and I that I have received DOT physicals in the past while having sleep apnea.


I made a new app with the doctor. At the time I did not have the 30day compliance on the machine.

They stated that untill I have 90 day compliance I can not work at all and that I should not have passed the dot physical because I did not have 90 sleep apnea and commercial compliance. He stated that until I get the compliance I wont get a year dot.

I then stated to him that the doctor that did the first exam in Feb gave me a 1 year dot. The doctor was confused and then took the dot physical to exam it.

Sleep Apnea – Know Before You Go for Your DOT Physical

He left the room with it then when he came back in he stated that my dot physical was now VOID and that Sleep apnea and commercial currently do not hold a dot. Also, the only reason I received the 1 year dot card was because doctors are no longer allowed to give 3month temporary dot physical cards. When the doctors asked why I did not have the compliance right now I stated them that quite often after using the machine I would wake up tired and feeling ill.

Also, that there are many times that i knock the mask off my face in the middle of the night. In order to get the needed compliance time. I stated to them that I have tried different things like changing the ramp speed, pressure, temperature of the humidifier, ect. Non of which were giving me any better results. I stated to them sleep apnea and commercial I am planing on seeing another sleep specialist once my insurance kicks in so I can afford to do so. During all this I was also asked about how I was tested for sleep apnea. I shared a room with another driver and only did one sleep test.


From What I have read currently my test was not conducted correctly. This I also stated to the doctors at Walt Disney World. I do thank you for taking the sleep apnea and commercial to read this long message. Now my questions if you can clarify. Can the doctor take the 1 year dot physical card away from me and state that it is now void before its expiration date? If on the ground I only need 30 days compliance with the sleep machine to get a 1 year dot. Can my employer request my sleep results checked when ever they want? Thank you for your time and Sleep apnea and commercial pray you have a good day.The most salient points provided in our comments are that (1) moderate-to- severe OSA is common among commercial motor vehicle operators.

As members of the Sleep and Transportation Safety Awareness Task Force of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, we aim to engage.

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