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And in this code i didn't use any load. I measured directly on the mcu. Note that if an AVR remains in reset or does not clock then the default state of all ports is tristated inputs. I wonder if maybe the AVR is not clocking? Have 40ma 1.5v led ever attempted to change the fuses?

What voltage can you measure on the VCC pin if you try to drive the load? LEDs don't.

1.5V 25mA Miniature Lamp

Some have a dome and give off light up to degrees. But most are not much more than about 55 degrees. Given this, this may be one reason you will 40ma 1.5v led to light your coaches with pairs of LEDs - one pointed to each side or down the length of the car.

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The angle of the output light will be the subject of a future addition to this section of my website. If you have ever bought a lightbulb at your local home improvement store, you may have noticed that you can buy different shades of white. If you didn't notice this at the store, then when 40ma 1.5v led got home, you may have noticed 40ma 1.5v led you new light bulb doesn't match your existing light bulbs.

The same is true of LEDs. These different 40ma 1.5v led of white is called color temperature. This is the same thing that your digital camera uses in setting white balance.

V 40mA Hobby Solar Panel Jaycar Electronics

If you want a LED that resembles a typical incadescent bulb, you want a "warm white". This would be appropriate for coach interiors, head lights and mars lights.

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  • 1.5V 40mA Hobby Solar Panel

If you want a beacon, you will want a whiter white like daylight white. Some white are bluish as you may have noticed on some modern automobiles.

Understanding battery capacity: Ah is not A

Unfortunately, many LEDs are sold without telling you what shade of white. This will be a topic of a future addition to this website as I try to help you out with this. Another thing to notice about LEDs is that some are diffuse are some are more specular. The specular ones, you can. For lighting coach interiors, drum heads, or beacons, I recommend the diffuse ones. For headlights and mars lights, you could use the specular ones. LEDs come in different shapes and sizes. The typical through-hole ones come in 3mm and 5mm or even bigger. I 40ma 1.5v led in most cases, you will want the smaller 3mm ones just because they fit inside models easier.

Some LEDs don't have leads. They are called surface mount devices. Unless you are really good at soldering, you will probably find these difficult to solder 40ma 1.5v led.

For each circuit, I have created a table of suggested values for the resistors. There are other values of resistors you can use.


40ma 1.5v led thanks! Hi and thank you EMSL! These are enormously helpful explanations of these circuits! My main concern is how to keep the battery in top condition to keep the circuit and art as near to permanent as possible.


I know that for large voltage solar circuits the battery has to be kept from over charging and that for smaller ones the trickle charge is ok.V 40 mA 50 mA SCRs are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers 40ma 1.5v led, pricing, & datasheets for V 40ma 1.5v led mA 50 mA SCRs. If it had multiple modes, like 10, 20 and 40mA it would be great. Or could I use the driver and a switch + a resistor in parallel with the LED to.

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