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Windows occasionally froze in the middle of phone calls, apps crash, the screen took too long to readjust when I cingular 8125 out the keyboard, the speakerphone with its loud yet poor quality sound, and dialing phone numbers was much more difficult than it should have been. I had to educate myself in the inner workings of the Windows Mobile platform, overclocking and editing registry settings, just to be able to use the device. The only reason I stayed in cingular 8125 abusive relationship was because I couldn't find anything with equal features. The last thing I wanted to do was downgrade to a cheap razr, even if it meant putting up with so much daily frustration. Today marks the end of our relationship.


I found something stable, sleeker, more powerful, more capable and better designed: The Blackberry Curve cingular 8125 Goodbye MDA. We've had an interesting run.

How to unlock HTC Cingular

Photograph: Chris Manners. When the keyboard is stowed away, the is chunky--and its thickness made it awkward to use for phone calls. My old phone I had to re-program the way I wanted them. The speaker is significantly cheaper than the one in my Samsung. When I have the phone on speaker it sounds as if the person is talking in a can. They keys are usable with long fingernails and I can touch the keys with the sides of my finger without hitting another key. Something cingular 8125 needs to learn. Using it is a bit clunky always having to remember to hit the shift or function key, but it is definitely workable. LOVE the way the screen re-orients, and it works perfectly every time.

Receiving A Call Smart Dialing Cingular 8125 Options Additional Dialing Information Using ActiveSync Synchronizing Information The was managed by a scroll wheel. It is louder than the Apache models and clearer.


Now here's my favorite: voice dialing that works over Bluetooth. Yes, that's still a rarity on Pocket PC phones which is unfathomable since every decent feature phone with Bluetooth can do it. The ships with Voice Speed Dial which uses voice tags rather than true speech recognition. Yes it lacks Microsoft Voice Command's impressive recognition capabilities and range of commands but MS Voice Command does eat up a lot of resources and won't work over a Bluetooth headset or car kit. You can record tags for any contact in your address book and you can record tags to launch the applications of cingular 8125 choice. To initiate voice commands simply press the dedicated button on the right side of the phone or press press and hold for some headsets the call button on your Bluetooth headset or car kit.

The Cingular has a very bright, clear QVGA x transflective color display that's among our favorites. Other versions of the Wizard ship with Some poking around in the OS by dedicated users has revealed that this is a software limitation, and can be overcome with a small hack. Unofficial and cingular 8125 updates to Windows Mobile 6. HTC cameras haven't set the world on fire, though their software after buying IA is lovely.

Cingular 8125

Their recent models have taken a turn for the better and the is an example of a decent camera phone. Its 1. It lacks the XV's unappealing pervasive purple tint, and has just a bit of cingular 8125 color bias. Photos could use more sharpening, but that's easily handled with your favorite desktop image editing program.

Try to take a photo at twilight or in dim indoor conditions and you will see grain, but sizing the photo down or using a noise cingular 8125 filter on your computer can turn out usable images. The cingular 8125 LED flash isn't useful unless you're very close to your subject living subjects will hate you because the flash is blinding and constantbut it makes a wonderful flashlight.

Turn on the flash in the camera application and it stays on until you cingular 8125 it off or exit the camera app. Bluetooth inspection app sniffs out card skimmers at gas pumps.

The Wizard cingular 8125 is physically similar to the model, and contains the same technical features, with the exception of a camera. However I have only traveled within the 30 mile radius of my Florida home. I expect to continue with good service since many friends use the same service and have no issues. I asked the Cingular rep about what I read on the internet that they were dropping customers who were not using their phones in their home network. This sounded pretty reasonable-so time will tell if th.Witness the Cingular despite being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this powerful quad-band phone packs a MHz. Buy Cingular PDA Phone (Cingular): Unlocked Cell Phones - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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