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Microenable Iv Frame Grabber Card With Fpga Onboard

Release Notes RunTime 5. The shaft encoder mode can be run in three operation modes.

Please choose the according microenable iv mode for your application. It enables you to adjust the number of increments per rotation of the shaft encoder.

ExSync microenable iv generated for a forward rotation of the shaft encoder in single resolution, i. ExSync is generated for a forward rotation of the shaft encoder in double resolution, i.

ExSync is generated for a forward rotation of the shaft encoder in quad resolution, i. The default setting is A as the leading signal. Flipping the input microenable iv or their polarity will have the same effect as changing this to B as the leading signal. microenable iv

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It simply defines the valid direction of the scan. Microenable iv category includes parameters to specify and parameterize the generated ExSync output signals.


This parameter specifies the period of the ExSync signal. Therefore, it defines the line frequency when using the grabber controlled mode to trigger the connected camera. The line period is not microenable iv to be shorter than the minimum period - maximum line frequency - being microenable iv by the camera, or in other words:. This maximum frequency is limited by the exposure time and the line scan sensor maximum speed.

Silicon Software microEnable IV with new options STEMMER IMAGING

Please consider the camera manual for more details. The period T is the duration of time of one cycle in a repeating event, so the period is the reciprocal of the frequency microenable iv. The period T is the duration of microenable iv of one cycle in a repeating event.

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Equation 8. This parameter specifies the pulse width of the ExSync signal, which can microenable iv used by many cameras to specify the exposure time.


It is possible to adjust the microenable iv time via software, even while grabbing. In order to check the polarity simply increase this value and the resulting frame should become brighter. The parameter adjusts the polarity of the ExSync signal generator. Use Low Active, if the camera opens the shutter on a falling edge, otherwise use High Active.

This parameter specifies the delay between the generated ExSync and ExSync2 signals with respect to an external trigger input. Therefore, the ExSync2 signal is a delayed clone of the ExSync polarity, period, etc. Please note microenable iv the line trigger delay needs to be less than the line trigger period. April QT Everywhere Source Files v4. Product Finder. Runtime v5.

MicroEnable IV AD4-LVDS PCIe image acquisition Silicon Software

QT Everywhere Source Files v5. Interfaces were added to enhance the functionality of the frame grabber and guarantee a microenable iv scalability and flexibility. Silicon Software.

Release Notes VisualApplets 2. Company Details.Silicon Software develops with its microEnable IV frame grabbers a product microenable iv of powerful image acquisition and image processing boards for important. microEnable IV AD4-CL is a PCIe image acquisition device that allows the full bandwidth connection of two Camera Link cameras. microEnable IV AD4-CL focuses on fast image acquisition with all Camera Link cameras and enables with DMA technology advanced applications with the.


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