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I've been a musician line 6 ux1 asio many years and I've also used many different bits of kit for computer recording. Firstly I will say that installation was one of the most infuriating experiences of my life, a failure to detect the interface with the only solution given on the Line 6 website being "Uninstall and try again".

Troll Cave Music: Gear Review: Line 6 Pod Studio UX1

Now I line 6 ux1 asio totally accept that if this was line 6 ux1 asio freeware made by some guy in his bedroom With line 6's years of experience on the technical end of music how could they allow this to be a reasonable response. Then there was the issue of starting POD farm 2. Posted May 7, Can anyone help me straighten this out please? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. You say that like it's a BAD thing! Many Thanks! There was enough to sell me on MidiGuitar2 with the demo standalone version, so I bought the full version. Figured it out. All except gearbox.

I can go in through POD, but that's a pain! Sign line 6 ux1 asio for a new account in our community. It means I can't use my sound card for playback now, but that doesn't really matter. It outputs to the Tone Port UX1 and I can listen to my recording through the monitor so it works well like that.

If the output knob on the Tone Port UX1 box is set to full or nearly full, and the volume in the GearBox software is above about half way, then the sound stutters and breaks up. If I lower the volume on either the UX1 or in the software, the stuttering goes away. It works line 6 ux1 asio then, and the volume is still sufficiently high to record stuff, but I'm just keen to find out if this is a fault or not. So if the knob is all the way to full volume and then I play the guitar, Line 6 ux1 asio can hear the stuttering both in the monitor, and it gets recorded too so I can hear it when I play back. It may be a fault but my guess is that it's not likely to be a fault with the knob itself like a bad connection or anything.

Because when the volume is set to maximum, if I play a guitar string very softly, I can hear the note ring clearly and it's ok. But if I twang the string normally or quite hard, I can hear the sound start to stutter. You can't playback through your PC soundcard line 6 ux1 asio the TonePort is now your soundcard the way you're set up.

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Apologies if this is a noob-ish question, but Line 6 tech. I run a WIndows line 6 ux1 asio, 64 bit PC I know I'll have to provide more information, but I'm not sure which would be relevant here. Did this solve your problem? Yes No.


Sort out the drivers for windows 10, or it's a different audio interface for me, and no more PodFarm. I tried the newest Windows 10 Preview version, but no luck.

Find More Posts by bluetinstar. Holy crap, didn't expect this much help so soon Simply put, today was a bit tricky because I had to rethink and organize how I'll go about getting recording set up to have efforts be well focused Alright, got the driver updated Monkey said it needed an update and I did that. I haven't used the AxePort personally. In addition, the AxePort doesn't appear to contain any modeling software. Let me know if you get an AxePort - I'd be interested to know how well it works.The line 6 ux1 asio then becomes that the ASIO4ALL driver doesn not recognize/ support the 4 inputs/sends availabel from the UX1 so using it. Sound card Line 6 UX1 - I can not open more than line 6 ux1 asio program (guitar rig, amplitube 4, ravelver, etc.).


I run these programs, select the ASIO.

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