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I was also very pleased with the accuracy of this GPS unit. It advertises acquiring time to be less than 35 seconds and I would concur. Q3 : How to confirm i-gotu gt-600 i-gotU device can work without any problem? Q2 : How to backup export my initial track data GPX file?

I-gotU GT-600 High End USB GPS Travel-/Photo Sports (B)logger SiRFIII

Technical I-gotu gt-600 Sorry, technical details aren't currently available for this product. With dimensions of 46 x The device is also quite sturdy, which is nice for those of us i-gotu gt-600 me who can be a bit clumsy at times.

The setting is kind of a misnomer as we want to disable the button rather than enable it, but hey, it works. The caveat here is that the photo tagging option i-gotu gt-600 marking the waypoint where you take a picture won't be available any more either. While I could think of a compromise for example the button could still react to short presses but not to long presses this is a small price to pay for a huge improvement in overall usability. The Bluetooth option or rather its absence does probably also contribute to the improved battery performance. Any idea to solve this?

IgotU GT Product Review – The Fitness Motivator

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Do NOT i-gotu gt-600 this! Sports Analyzer — which shows your GPS tracks in a view that allows you to easily see average speed, calories burned, and when you did each of your activities.

Where I am — which simply shows you where you are now on a map. Here is the trip interface showing some trips that I uploaded one public, one private. Update: 15th September — trip PC suite not loading issue I started having a problem where trip PC suite would not load at all. Rename one of the sub folders in this directory and try restarting trip PC. Repeat until you find the corrupt one. You i-gotu gt-600 found the corrupt one when trip PC i-gotu gt-600. Exit trip PC. Now restore the whole resource folder from your backup, and then delete the corrupt sub folder. Restart trip PC and you should have all your trips back minus the corrupt one.


Carry it with you when you're out, and you have a record of where you visited and when. In the UK, you can track down the i-GotU range at maplin. Supplied in a fold-out plastic package, the GT is a small, white box which what appears to be a i-gotu gt-600 button and a four-connector socket - a deceptively simple box about half the width of a credit card. Supplied with the unit, you'll find a mini-CD of software, a USB connection cable and a small velcro strap.

The GT is designed to be out i-gotu gt-600 the fresh air, and using it is very simple. Please check with your bank for applicable exchange rates. Add to Cart. Note: Exchange rates are for reference only. More Information. With the third party navigation and i-gotu gt-600 software, the GT completes a full-featured navigation for your mobile devices.


In my road testing, there is some deviation from the road no really I didn't take a drive through the part or plow into those houses, honest! Conclusions The GT is a neat little device but does not present a compelling case if you already own a GT The motion sensor is a nice to have rather than a must have in my opinion, the Bluetooth connectivity option makes it more versatile to use.i-gotU GT USB GPS Travel & Sports Logger (K Records, Motion Sensor, SiRFStar III, Water Resistant) GPS Data Logger I-gotu gt-600. i-gotU GT USB GPS Travel Logger w/Blog Software - Record and Trace outdoor activity on 3D Map! i-gotU GT USB GPS Data Logger, with Motion Detector ( Re-Designed Box) Holux RCV Bluetooth Data Logger I-gotu gt-600 GPS (Bluetooth, USB GPS, 66CH, WAAS, k.

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