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HP / PRINTHEAD Starleaton - Australia's Largest Wide Format Printing Suppliers

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Sep 7, 22,7, Faulty Printhead Unknown Error. NOTE: An unknown error is displayed when one of the printheads is causing a problem but the system cannot detect which one it is. Refer to Unknown Printhead Error to solve this problem. Printhead Information Use the following procedure to display the Printheads Information screen on the front panel. Black printhead. Printhead Replacement The animation sequence shows how to replace a printhead in the printer. Replace Printheads Enter. A printable version of the sequence is also available. Once you have replaced the printhead, if you have media loaded, the printer prompts you to start the Printhead Alignment procedure.

If no media is loaded the printer prompts you to load paper and then automatically starts the alignment. The alignment takes several minutes to complete and hp dj800ps printer will then prompts you to run the Color Calibration procedure. If you try to do this with any other type of paper loaded the printer will prompt you to load a different type of paper before letting you align the printheads. From time to time you may be required to align the printheads to ensure maximum print quality. To manually select the printhead alignment make sure you have the correct type of roll or sheet media loaded. Special alignment should be used to correct pen to paper spacing variations which would be show by variations in vertical line quality, particularly in wide plots and fast print modes.

DJ800 Users Reference Guide

Two separate prints are made. Then use the following front panel menu selections to start the alignment:. Align Printheads Enter Standard 4. Special 11 minutes. Once you have made this selection the printer starts the alignment process which then takes several minutes. The printer will also automatically use the standard alignment process to align its printheads after Printhead Replacement. When the alignment procedure completes after a printhead replacement the printer prompts you to ask if you want to run the Color Calibration procedure. Solutions These topics guide you through the hp dj800ps procedures required to troubleshoot and find the solution to various problems you could encounter while using your printer.

It takes you through the troubleshooting procedure step-by-step.

It also provides full details of the steps to take to contact the Hewlett Packard Customer Care Hp dj800ps. Use this manual's index or table of contents to find the section.

AgfaPhoto HP No. 45 51645AE Ink Catridge for HP Deskjet 800 Series - Black

For example, if you are having difficulty with page formatting, refer to Page Format. Finding the Source of Your Problem 1. Look at the front-panel hp dj800ps for messages.


See Message Descriptions for a full explanation of front-panel messages. Test the printer. Make sure that hp dj800ps power cord is firmly inserted in the printer and plugged in to an outlet that you know works. Test your computer hardware and interface. Image Quality Problems Your HP DesignJet printer provides a full troubleshooting utility to ensure you can always quickly hp dj800ps any image problems you encounter. You should use this utility whenever you and not the printer perceive a problem with print quality.


Often what you believe to be a print quality problem is in fact caused by incorrect hp dj800ps of the printer for the type of image you are trying to print. Always check Configuration Correction as your first diagnostic task to find the cause of your problem. This will lead you to correct remedial action required to solve your image quality problem. Configuration Correction Before attempting the image quality diagnostic procedures contained in this section it is important to first check that the printer is correctly configured to print what you want.

Many hp dj800ps concerned with image quality can be solved by correcting the way hp dj800ps printer is configured. To achieve the best performance from your printer, only use genuine HP accessories and supplies, whose reliability and performance have been thoroughly tested to give trouble-free performance and best-quality prints.

For details of HP media, see Paper Types. Make sure that the Type of paper selected in the front panel is the same type of paper loaded into the printer. To check this go to the Hp dj800ps or Sheet menu in the front panel and press Enter.

To ensure the hp dj800ps print quality use HP certified media only. Make sure that the Print quality Fast, Normal, Best used for hp dj800ps printer is correct.Download the latest drivers, firmware, and software for your HP DesignJet Printer is HP's official website that will help automatically detect and. Ultimate photo quality is achieved using HP colour layering technology and up to Embedded HP-GL/2 processor, with drivers for AutoCADĀ® and Windows.

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