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Is the smaller chip better?

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The Atik 16ic, is a nice starter CCD camera. You have a slight bigger area to play around with. Also it can work as a guide camera if you decide to move onto a better ccd camera or DSLR afterwards. M13 Alessio Carlini. If you want to terminate the exposure early but keep the result, hold the shift key down while atik 16 ic click the Snapshot button.

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When looping, you can stop the whole looping process by clicking the Loop button again. The current exposure will be aborted.

You can change exposure settings while looping, but they will not be acted upon until the start of the next exposure. You can always use the right mouse button to create a sub- frame. VAT within EU excl. Just to add, I had the Atik 16ic-s and it is a great little camera. I used it when starting and didnt bother with darks i have a dsi as well and, obviously, no comparison the atik has very low noise on the darks If you do get the atik then i would suggest you dont do what i did and atik 16 ic it when you want a bigger camera. I should not have sold mine.

For larger targets like m33, m31 or the rosette then it will need a mosaic. It's significantly more than Oiii, for instance, so I am getting a very different view than I would with filters. I am also getting a different view with a reflector than I would atik 16 ic a refractor, which would probably not focus the infrared. I'd have to cut it off. Anyway, it seems to me that each camera, scope, and filter set are different enough that no one but the photographer really knows what we are looking atunless there is some attempt to correlate everything, But then we would have to justify why we are correlating it the way we are, and I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone justify that persuasively, particularly when our eyes cannot see the kinds of colors in the individual spectra of deep sky objects and our cameras record wavelengths beyond what our eyes can see. Also, aesthetically, I like black and white about as much as color.

Atik 16Ic Manual

It records all of the visible spectrum and some beyond it, especially into the infrared. I like that about the camera, but only one familiar with the camera's range knows what light Atik 16 ic am capturing, actually.

I atik 16 ic been trying to decided what to do about color. I want to do some experimenting soon. In response to a great suggestion by Anjal Sharma that I start with simple color filters atik 16 ic visual observing of which I have a fewI responded as follows: I still haven't decided what to do with color.


Don [Taylor, also a member of the Huntsville club,] uses an interesting palette with narrowband filters. AstroBin saves small pieces of text information cookies on your device in order to deliver better content and for statistical purposes. IC Konstantinos Stav Page 7 8. The following table refers to the angular resolution per pixel with certain focal atik 16 ic.

Ic, Remy Thierry Atik 16 IC-S Tak min from France ic - Atik Cameras

This SDK is free of charge atik 16 ic now. Page 9 Page 10 Both of these are a modeless dialog, which means that they can be left open while you run the program and capture images, etc. However you should be aware that if one of these dialogs is selected then certain keyboard shortcuts or mouse operations in the main window may not behave as expected. If this happens, simply click on the main window to select it. Page 12 F1-F4 take an exposure of 0. By using our shop you agree to the use of cookies.


You might want to read the Craig Stark review of the camera. Atik 16 ic am just after a good starter cam, my scope isn't ideal for dso imaging so thought a basic cam would be ok for practising and getting a few images and basically learning how to setup capture and process the data. Sorry for slightly hijacking your thread, I will await the replies to ur question and see if any of it is relevant to my needs.

Thanks for the link Nadeem, it's very good, i'm considering the larger chip, i've got the Meade DSI ii colour, atik 16 ic the dark frames are a pain, and if i've not got the frame's in my dark frames folder for a certain temperaturethe software give me a warning to take more darksthat's why i'm looking at the ATIK 16ic-s Mono, as it's cooled to about below ambient temperature, and the chip size is the same as the DSI ii.popular series cameras, the Atik 16IC. The line, based on the Artemis cameras, already had the Atik (based on the Sony ICX) and the Atik- 16HR. A small computer that can be mounted to your telescope to conveniently control cameras and other hardware Read More.

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