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The m15x moves with points ahead to the top of the multimedia class once more.

Review Alienware Area m15x Notebook - Reviews

But that is not all. Even performance giants like for example the Dell XPS M still with Merom processor are beaten by the m15x in this test. The alienware m15x r1 reason is the powerful Core 2 Extreme processor, which is fully utilised in this test.

This result is supported by the Cinebench R10 benchmark test. The Alienware Area m15x manages top results in rendering and shading again. Actually, the Alienware m15x could alienware m15x r1 be used professionally for graphics and calculation intensive applications, but it's main strength will always be games.

Probably the most important advantage of the Alienware m15x is the performance when running current games - at least this is what Alienware says. The Area m15x provided a good alienware m15x r1 of it's performance. With a resolution of x pixel and medium detailsit achieves about 45 frames per second fps in the benchmark.

Increasing the resolution to high details lets the result drop to below 30 fps. We alienware m15x r1 share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

Alienware Area-51 m15x-R1

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Rated 5 out of 5. So impressed with your service and the charger works a treat. Thankyou so much.


Please see the Alienware Area m15x gaming benchmarks and performance page. There are two fans in the m15x: the fan on the left takes care of the heat generated by the processor, and on the right side the heat generated by the GPU. When the m15x was alienware m15x r1 released, it had overheating problems with the M-GTX graphics card. Alienware came out with a fix shortly after customers started reporting problems. It was a simple yet effective fix and I am pleased to report that the m15x overheating issues are alienware m15x r1 thing of the past.

All new m15x notebooks will come with alienware m15x r1 new BIOS and will not have any overheating issues. Widescreen Display. Monitor Features. Diagonal Size metric.

Customer reviews. It was a simple yet effective fix and I am pleased to report that the m15x overheating issues are a thing of the past. All new m15x notebooks will come with the new BIOS and will not have any overheating issues. One practical feature of the m15x is its ability to switch between graphics cards. The m15x actually has two graphics cards: the dedicated Nvidia card and the integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X When the X is in use, the dedicated graphics card is turned off and the notebook uses far less power. It helps give the m15x its impressive battery life, which I will talk about later. Delivery Mon, Aug 19 - Mon, Aug alienware m15x r1 It starts to pulsate if the notebook is put into standby mode, which is also called "breathing" by Apple.

We also had to clear our throat on closer inspection of the case, which makes a compact and robust impression at first due to the design, but clearly disappoints in the actual test. Holding the notebook, lifting it, or applying a bit of pressure, always results in creaky noiseswhich seem to be the norm with the m15x. Especially bad in this regard are the display and display hinges. Although the display is with 12 millimeter not exactly slim, it seems to alienware m15x r1 very susceptible to any kind of pressure or twisting.

Just opening and closing the display is apparently already too much for the notebook and results in loud creaking and squeaking.

Alienware 0302A19120 AREA-51 M15X-R1 AC Adapter Charger Cord 120W

Furthermore, deformations and even colour changes on the display are noticeable. The hinge itself alienware m15x r1 to make a good impression as well. Even though the resistance while adjusting the display is acceptable, the noise it creates and the wobbling of the display after it is put into the desired position is clearly not. Considering it is a compact notebook, which can be carried around, those problems are rather serious. Especially the creaking noises while working with the notebook overshadow the impression of the m15x.Alienware M15x r1 Poor Performance. I'm currently running this machine for nearing 6 years now, everything work fine till I replaced my old. For any serious computer gamer, the name "Alienware" is instantly recognisable. When you glance at the specifications of the m15x-R1, you'll.


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